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Teachers are one of the most important parts of the success of the TDSB OYAP program. 

We are aiming to provide specific resources available here for you to use in your classrooms to help you help us reach out to your unique audiences at your school. 

We realize that Co-op Teachers need a great deal of support from us. We will be adding material to that page to help Co-op teachers represent the apprenticeship pathway easier at their local schools.

We also have a responsibility to reach out through Careers teachers to start to introduce the vocabulary of the apprenticeship pathway and choices that students can begin to discuss and consider. We are making an updated presentation for those teachers for this year that can be used with a worksheet activity for careers students. 

We have to leverage our relationships with Technological Education teachers in their specific areas as they find the learners who are keen in a specific area, who are gifted in the trades, who would respond well to an experiential learning environment. We are reaching out to the specific course code teachers about special program offers and opportunities for highlighting the value of their specific trade and industry. We also realize that many apprentices may want to be entrepreneurs and need to connect Business skills as well for marketing, networking, accounting, and the world of business for even greater success. 

We need to get the right info to our Guidance and Student Services departments to make sure that they know that all students from any school can participate in OYAP programs. We want to support post-secondary nights, assemblies and other presentation opportunities that happen at the local school with pre-made presentations and being able to order handouts and materials in advance. 

Reaching out to Core Subject teachers is also key as they can receive more information on how their subject area actually has cross-curricular ties to the skills and experiences that can be developed through OYAP, linked with their core subject area as the in-point of discovery. We are looking at developing some one class lessons for the core-subject area tie-ins. 

Finally, the discussion has to start at the Elementary teaching level to start to introduce the trades and apprenticeship pathway as another post-secondary destination. Many parents and guardians are not aware of the other pathway and we have to look at getting resources and professional development to Elementary teachers to help them provide the best information to their school communities about apprenticeship. We will be developing resources for that audience too as the website develops over this year. 

Please check back for new developments in these areas over the 2016-2017 school year. We appreciate all that our teachers do to promote the value of apprenticeship.

We will be finalizing teacher resources for the following pages.

Co-op, Business, Technological Education, Careers, Guidance, Core Subjects, and Elementary educators as well. 

Please contact us for more information.